At Plantberyz We Guarantee The Freshness and Quality of every Product we sell !

About Plantberyz

Plantberyz is a Health, Body Care and Nutrition Products Company whose aim is to produce and supply natural and highly nutritional health based products for all age groups, to fulfill the daily immunity, nutrition and body care needs for leading a healthy balanced life. Keeping this vision in mind, Plantberyz has introduced these 100% natural products. The range involves food based and external body care products.

Our Products

At Plantberyz we Guarantee the Freshness and Quality of every Product we sell  !

At Plantberyz we sell the purest and natural range of Oils, Herbs, Roots, Honey, Coffee and other naturally occurring health, body care and nutrition Products.

Plantberyz offers an ALL NATURAL wide range of products specially chosen for today’s needs in enhancing body immunity and preserve health both internally and externally of the users of our products. All these products are produced, extracted and packaged from nature’s best sources with a high degree of care and process for providing only the best possible daily nutritional requirements for our customer base. All Plantberyz products are made from 100% natural ingredients with NO artificial colors, preservatives, chemical additives, substitutes or any other ingredients which may cause side effects.

We Source from Western Ghats

We specialize in sourcing our products and working with Manufacturers from the Indian Western Ghats region with a high degree of focus from the regions of Malnad and Coorg.